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Peter Pettigrew

One Stop Shot for All Your Wormy Needs

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You've stumbled across ppettigrew, a little community floating here in the vast sea of fandom, wherein you may read and/or post fic, art, speculation, discussion, character analysis, fangirling, and EPIC POETRY about one Peter "Wormtail" Pettigrew of the Harry Potter books.

Here one might ask, understandably, "but who is Peter?" -- or "why is he that interesting?". Well, I shall try to begin answering that...with an ode of sorts.

i. Peter!

Peter whines. Peter craves. Peter clings.

Peter is a junkie who does not care who his dealer turns out to be: his friends. Voldemort. Ron. Snape. CHEESE.

Peter is flexible.

Peter is a manipulative bastard who did not give a damn about anyone but himself in his entire life; or,
Peter doesn't care.

Peter is faithful (to the course he sets for himself).

Even if Peter is a chessboard piece, he is aware of the board's existence.

ii. Peter watches.

Peter is good at watching.

iii. Peter does care:

-he acknowledges life, in its various aspects, especially as presented by/in the shape of JamesSiriusRemus.
-he wants in.
-he realizes he can never quite get that.

iv. Peter is both in, and out;

Peter sees himself and the world in a hall of mirrors.

v. Peter is a storyteller;

the storyteller of everyone's ultimate demise, including his:
for is a story worth telling without
-the hero dying
-the supporting characters bearing all the grief
-the forever-outsider's inevitable betrayal?

vi. Peter is the eyes and ears of the MWPP.

Peter is the ambiguous POV.

Peter cannot be grasped.

vii. Peter is on the fringe of things.

Peter is begging to be written.

Peter is love, damn it.

How was that? Not quite epic, I agree, but well. If this unreasonably long introduction hasn't scared you off, please do join! We'd love to have you.